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Friday, 18 August 2017

Unimal Burned, Alhamdulillah Most Valuable Items Succeeded Saved

In the midst of a severe fire that hit the Rector's Bureau of the University of Malikussaleh (Unimal) in Reuluet, North Aceh, Friday (18/08/2017) morning, the news relieved the hearts of graduates who have not taken his diploma on campus.

"We need to inform you that hundreds of graduates of S1 and S2 Unimal graduate degrees this semester and last semester which are still in Unimal Rector's Bureau are rescued, so none of them are burned," said Unimal Rector, Prof. Dr. Apridar MSi who contacted , Friday afternoon.
According to him, the certificates have been kept in a safe place in deposite safety box in a secret room in Unpad Rector Bureau Building.
"Alhamdulillah, even though the rector's office has been burned down, but all the diplomas have been rescued, and the graduation will soon be completed, especially since last semester graduation so no need to upset," said Apridar.
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The rectorate with the academic staff is also working to save the data of students, lecturers, and employees stored in the computer server room.
That space is solved glass by the suspect and then he engineering the flow of electricity in the room that causes shorting and eventually burned.
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However, the server was rescued from the fire. However, it was wet from the water when the officer sprayed water into the room when extinguishing the fire.
"If it is dried, we will check whether the server is still working or at least no missing student, lecturer, and administrative data is our hope," Apridar said.
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Unimal Rector Bureau Building was burned Friday at around 07.00 WIB by a former honorary staff who disappointed his contract is no longer extended.
The man has been working as an electrician at Unimal. But as honorary, salary is certainly not big.
The suspect was arrested at Lhokseumawe Mapolres a few hours after the incident to be questioned as well as accountable for the desperate acts he committed.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Visitors of the Mass Saman Dance 10.001 Sesaki Stadium, Blangkejeren Round Loss

Saman dance mass visitors membeludak and sesaki
Tribune at the Thousand Stadium of Blangkejeren Hill, Gayo Lues District (Galus) Sunday (08/13/2017).

Thousands of spectators who came from some parts of the village and the area crammed the grounds and stadiums.
Even some roads in Blangkejeren seputaran jammed hundreds of meters.

The organizing committee, Bungkes Absyah, told that the participants of saman and the visitors were asked to keep the marwah and order and cohesion during the mass saman performance.
"The number of participants and mass dancers of gayo for a while based on the calculation of the MURI as many as 12,268 people," said Bungkes, while saying the audience and visitors crowded and membeludak, even continue tying.

Saman Dance 10.001 Fellowship, This Is A Resolved Record

12,262 mass sari dancers rocked the field of Thousand Bukit Blangkejeren Stadium, Gayo Lues District (Galus), Sunday (08/13/2017).
Even gayo saman dancers exceeded the target from the previous dancers number 10,001 people.

The organizing committee of the activity, Bungkes Absyah, told, the record team of Muri has announced and set a second dance Saman Gayo Dance with a total of 12,262 dancers.

Spectacular performances that exceed this target re-break Muri record or record yourself previously achieved.
Mass performance was successful and lasted lively which was witnessed by Governor along with Deputy Governor of Aceh and member of DPR RI Commission X.
"Also present representatives of the Directorate General of Ministry and Culture and thousands of people from various corners of the village in Galus and from neighboring districts," said Bungkes.

As is known, Saman Gayo has been established by Unesco as a world cultural heritage no object on November 24, 2011.
Three years later or exactly 2014, Pemkab Galus staged a Saman show performed by 5,047 dancers. (*)

Thursday, 3 August 2017

CIA Finally Reveals Evidence Thousands of Documents About the Existence of ALIEN!

CIA Finally Reveals Evidence Thousands of Documents About the Existence of ALIEN!

Until now the existence of UFOs or Alien still leaves a mystery that can not be disclosed the truth, although a lot of sightings are accidentally recorded camera or recognition of some people who claimed to have been abducted Alien.

So ngehitsnya phenomenon associated with creatures from the world of nowhere makes interesting topics or themes for the Hollywood film industry in the production of films with space themed.

The CIA documents are horrendous!
Although in this case the US government (NASA, CIA, etc.) has been too passive in response to the phenomenon that occurred in the presence of UFOs or aliens, but recently the CIA has released thousands of documents on flying saucers or UFOs, aliens and phenomena. Can not be explained by human reason. But according to the concentrated institution discussing about the existence of this creature on its website explains the existence of aliens.

"We have decided to highlight some documents, and that is a very interesting finding. Below you will find five documents that we thought were to be 'X-Files' in the character of Agent Fox Mulder and would be happy to show others about the existence of extraterrestrial activities, "explained their statement, quoted from

All the documents were dated from the late 1940s to the 1960s, but that is still common to this day.

In this article, we will not discuss the truth that aliens exist, but there is a bit of mystery that begins to unfold and may well be a bright spot whether a UFO or commonly known as Alien is really there, look at the reviews!
All the documents were dated from the late 1940s to the 1960s, but that is still common to this day.

In this article, we will not discuss the truth that aliens exist, but there is a bit of mystery that begins to unfold and may well be a bright spot whether a UFO or commonly known as Alien is really there, look at the reviews!

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1. Some UFO photos of CIA releases in the 1960s

2. Flying saucer: this is the image of a flying and unexplained motorcycle taxi, taken by Passoria, New Jersey in July 1952

3. A police officer was standing near his patrol car outside the town of Soccorro, New Mexico where a flying saucer was spotted in 1964.

4. Some pictures are taken at the scene, which has no explanation as to what is going on.

The existence of aliens and UFOs is still questionable, since there are still many people who do not believe about it, there are only a few people who are obsessed about it, and with the release of this secret document may open the eyes of the world, that the CIA also intervened To prove that aliens existed, after on several occasions they argued and silenced. It's the same with NASA who did not open themselves to this.

And in conclusion, you do not have to believe if the aliens are there, it's just that the CIA who has been acting as the world's intelligence agency also investigate this, an interesting case even though it is still questionable about the truth. And the next question, do you believe if the alien is there?

10 Signs If You Will Not Long Again Will Die

10 Signs If You Will Not Long Again Will Die

All those who live in this world will surely die or die. No one can ever live eternally in this world, all that animate will die at a predetermined time.

But death is God's secret that no one in the world will ever know. But, even though the death of a person is the secret of the Creator, there are some signs that you will no longer live in this world.

According to Hinduism, the signs of death are believed to be true because they have happened several times in this world.

Well, want to know what kind of signs? Let's go directly we see the following reviews, as reported

  1. 1. One can not see his own shadow when in front of a mirror or over water. That means he will die for another six months.
  2. 2.      Someone often see dark colors, or even all the colors look dark by him. It is a sign of death will soon plunge.
  3. 3.      The left hand that will continue to twitch for a week, indicating that people have only one month's life time.
  4. 4.      The next sign is the sense org ans of a person experiencing hardening like a stone. This indicates if the person will die within six months.
  5. 5.      A person will soon die or die if the person is no longer able to see the moonlight, fire or the sun.
  6. 6.      The next sign is shown from the color of the skin that he said will turn into a yellow or even white and slightly red. This means death will pick up in six months.
  7. 7.      The seventh sign, a person will not live long if the tongue begins to swell and gums fester. This mark is often ignored by many who do not know it.
  8. 8.      Someone will die within six months, if he is unable to see the polar star in the sky.
  9. 9.      The ninth sign is when one looks at the sun and the moon is red, it indicates if the person is about to die.
  10. The last one is when one dreams about an owl and sees a fairly wide clearing. It's marked if the person is about to die soon.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Mitsubishi Expander - 'Sejuta Umat' Car Specs from Machine to Interior Design, Cool out!

PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Seles Indonesia (MMKSI) will launch the latest series of cars that make consumers in Indonesia increasingly pampered. This is the latest Mitsubishi MPV Expander car. This car will be a competitor in the segment of car 'million people' is known best selling in Indonesia.

Mitsubishi MPV Expander will become Avanza's main competitor in the segment. • Mitsubishi MPV Expander - One Million Car Competitors Avanza, Mobilio, and Ertiga, It's Price Previously Avanza is the ruler of the car segment 'a million people' in Indonesia. In addition to being a plane Avanza, Expander is also predicted to disrupt the sale of Honda Mobilio and Suzuki Ertiga. This is the specification Mitsubishi Expander car. 1. Exterior Design Small MPV Mitsubishi Motors when introduced in Jakarta, Monday (7/24/2017). Mitsubishi Motors introduces next generation MPV for Indonesia market that combines SUV toughness and MPV relief.

This Dynamic Shiled concept car offers the character of Sport Utility Vechicle (SUV) car especially on the front and grille look solid. The side body has a muscular image extending from front to back in order to give a solid impression. While the back of the rhythm game enlivened with a completely new design. 2. Interior Design Interior design was pretty neat. This seven-passenger car offers a different seat with the edition of other Mitsubishi cars. Reportedly, this seat uses a synthetic material or fabric that is made with attractive and elegant design. Mitsubishi claims that this new car has a room that is wider and comfortable. Because the size of this car is larger than other types of MPV cars. 3. Machine

For the engine, Mitsubishi chose type 4A91 which has a 1,5000 cc cubicle. Reportedly this machine is a development of Mitsuboshi Colt engine. MMKSI confirmed that the car will be available in two tranmisi options that is manual and automatic. 4. Price

Until 2018, MMKSI is targeted to add Mitsubishi's official dealership to 143 outlets in Indonesia. With a larger network of Mitsubishi's latest cars it could potentially surpass its competitors' achievements. In addition to focusing on sales strategies and building network strength and images, Irwan will create a pricing scheme for MPV Expander to be sold in the market. Price Mitsubishi MPV Expander is estimated to range from Rp 175-275 million.

Monday, 24 July 2017

2018 Honda City VTi-L review

Update 2018 Honda City mendapat tampilan baru dan update peralatan ringan, namun kepraktisan kelas terdepan hanya bisa Anda dapatkan sejauh ini.

Pro dan kontra

Meskipun baru pertengahan tahun 2017, Honda City yang facelifted diberi nama sebagai model 2018.

Sedan terkecil perusahaan pada dasarnya adalah kembar-di bawah kulit pada hatchback Jazz yang populer, meski menawarkan bodi yang bisa dibilang lebih menarik daripada saudara kembar van-like-nya.

Untuk tahun 2018, Kota menerima penyegaran ringan yang melihatnya mendapatkan tampilan depan dan belakang baru, sekaligus mencetak sistem infotainment yang telah ditingkatkan dan ketersediaan navigasi satelit untuk pertama kalinya.

Pada uji coba, kami memiliki VTi-L spec-spec terbaik, yang dimulai pada biaya yang relatif mahal $ 21.590 sebelum on-road. Lapisan abu-abu metalik 'Modern Steel' yang Anda lihat di sini menambahkan $ 495 lagi, sehingga harga daftar yang teruji menjadi $ 22.085 plus ORCs.

Pesaing tunggal City yang ada pada harga ini adalah sedan Mazda 2 GT, yang dimulai pada $ 21.680 dengan manual enam kecepatan atau $ 23.680 dengan enam percepatan otomatis.

Dalam hal peralatan standar, semua model City mendapatkan lampu LED-daytime running, sistem infotainment layar sentuh 7,0 inci, cruise control, AC, power window semua bulat, Bluetooth, input AUX dan USB, kamera belakang dan sensor parkir belakang. .

Melangkah ke VTi-L menambahkan velg berukuran 16 inci (di atas ban baja VTi 15 inci), cermin lipat listrik, lampu kabut depan, kontrol iklim, entri tanpa kunci dengan tombol start, kursi yang dilapisi kulit, kulit yang dibungkus. Roda kemudi dan tombol shift, dan navigasi satelit asli.
Semua model mendapatkan perlengkapan keselamatan standar Anda seperti ABS, brake assist, electronic brakeforce distribution, dukungan pendaratan dan kontrol traksi bukit, meskipun tidak ada fitur keselamatan aktif dari Honda City seperti pemantauan blind spot, dan pengereman darurat otonom (AEB). Namun, City mengenakan rating keselamatan ANCAP bintang lima, meski capnya dari 2014.

Mazda, di sisi lain, mendapatkan kecepatan tinggi ke depan AEB dan juga memiliki teknologi untuk pembalikan, pemantauan blind spot, peringatan lalu lintas silang belakang, dan head-up display (HUD) sebagai standar.

Apa yang tidak dimiliki daerah Thailand dalam kit standar, bagaimanapun, itu membuat kepraktisan. Honda melakukan booting dengan besar 536 liter - lebih besar dari SUV mid-size - dibandingkan dengan Mazda yang masih dihormati 440 liter, sementara juga menginjak-injak ruang duduk belakang 2 di hampir setiap dimensi.

Melompati di kursi pengemudi, keseluruhan desain kokpit City agak sederhana, namun menarik. Namun, pada pemeriksaan lebih dekat, Anda akan menemukan semua plastik dasbor adalah jenis keras dan gatal, dan ini membawa sebagian besar trim pintu.

Ada sisipan kulit berlapis empuk di pintu siku Anda, dan sandaran tangan kelas faux kulit empuk yang menyembunyikan tempat penyimpanan (Mazda tidak memiliki yang terakhir), jadi setidaknya titik sentuh utama cukup lunak untuk menahan anggota badan.

Dibandingkan model yang mendahuluinya, City VTi-L 2018 sekarang mendapat navigasi satelit built-in sebagai standar melalui layar touchscreen 7.0 inci. Namun, tidak ada tanda-tanda Apple CarPlay atau Android Auto.

Terlepas dari penambahan teknologi pemetaan, sistem itu sendiri terlihat dan terasa sedikit aftermarket, dan fungsi navigasinya bisa sedikit kikuk dalam operasinya.

Beberapa staf CarAdvice juga memiliki sedikit masalah dalam memasangkan ponsel mereka melalui Bluetooth, dengan petunjuk dan petunjuk terbatas datang dari layar saat Anda ingin terhubung.

Selain itu, saat menerima panggilan telepon melalui Bluetooth, seseorang tidak dapat melihat peta secara bersamaan - yang bisa terbukti cukup mengganggu jika mendekati tujuan untuk kemudian menerima panggilan.

Di belakang, meskipun, adalah di mana Kota benar-benar mengesankan. Sementara sebagian besar kendaraan seukuran dan harga ini berjuang keras untuk menyesuaikan diri dengan orang-orang biasa, City menawarkan hektar ruang kaki - bahkan di belakang pengemudi yang lebih tinggi. Bahkan ada ruang untuk tiga kali lipat dalam perjalanan singkat, meskipun dasar kursi tengah dinaikkan dan cukup sempit.

Salah satu keluhan kecil adalah ruang kepala terbatas untuk penumpang setinggi enam kaki - peninjau ini harus membungkuk agar tidak meletakkan kepala di langit-langit - tapi untuk sebagian besar, ini sangat akomodatif.

Penumpang belakang juga dirawat di dua gerai 12V, yang mengimbangi kekurangan port USB dan ventilasi di belakang.

Di jalan, Kota tetap kompeten, tapi tidak menonjol.
Di bawah bonnet adalah mesin bensin empat silinder berenergi 1.5 liter yang disedot secara alami, menghasilkan tenaga 88kW pada torsi 6600rpm dan 145Nm pada 4600 rpm. Drive dikirim ke roda depan melalui continuously-variable transmission (CVT).

Sementara output dan putaran puncak yang sesuai mungkin tampak tinggi, mesin City dan CVT melakukan pekerjaan dengan baik untuk diluncurkan dan bersiap untuk kecepatan dengan kecepatan yang masuk akal. Ini tidak sesuai dengan dorongan rendah dari unit turbocharged, tapi pekerjaannya bagus.

Kabin juga tertekan dengan baik dari kebisingan mesin, sementara tidak ada sedikit rengekan yang umumnya terkait dengan CVT, yang berarti NVH (noise vibration harshness) cukup bagus untuk jenis mobil ini dan tidak akan menjadi Sakit di perjalanan lebih lama

Namun, Kota ini cukup kusam dan mati rasa di belakang kemudi. Kemudi cukup ringan - yang baik untuk jalan-jalan yang sempit dan carparks - meskipun terasa samar dan tidak memiliki umpan balik yang nyata. Terkadang Anda merasa Anda meremehkan seberapa banyak Anda perlu memutar roda.

Kami menemukan bahwa kursi pengemudi juga bisa menjadi sedikit tidak nyaman dalam perjalanan yang lebih lama. Dasarnya cukup rata, dan letaknya hampir berlapis-lapis di bagian bawah punggung, jadi tidak akan untuk semua orang. Beberapa penumpang depan mengeluh bahwa tempat duduk mereka terasa terlalu tinggi.

Konsumsi bahan bakar memang bagus. Kami mengelola 7,5L / 100km yang terhormat dengan kecepatan berkendara 460 kilometer, mendukung kondisi perkotaan.

Namun, itu sedikit lebih tinggi dari klaim gabungan 5.9L / 100km Honda, yang tidak terbantu oleh fakta bahwa City tidak memiliki teknologi stop / start idle yang benar-benar akan menguntungkan kota - sesuatu versi yang lebih tinggi dari Mazda 2 miliki.

Selain itu, tangki bahan bakar 40 liter yang kecil di Kota berarti Anda bisa memperkirakan sekitar 500km per isi.